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Accelerate Your Non-Profit Needs with data-driven Insights from Keshodata Consultants

Make informed decisions based on expert research-findings. Keshodata (Keshodata Consultancy Company Ltd.) is among the leading consultancy companies in Kenya.

keshodata enumerators collecting data at field level

Community Human-Centered Design

Keshodata is committed to working with all its clients to improve their ability to make informed timely decisions. The company also offers custom services to companies that do not need the whole process.


Services with a Smile


Implementation research, Mid-term reviews & Evaluations, Impact Assessments, Formative/Operational Research, Market/Brand Surveys


Data Presentation (Excel, Power BI, Google Data Studio etc), QGIS, and Data Visualization


Digital Data Collection systems in ONA, Kobo-toolbox, Enketo and others, Computer-Assisted data collection tools, ODK/Kobo Collects

Technical Assistance

Third-Party Monitoring, MEAL Support, Remote and Field Local Support, Translation Services

Our Core Principles


Providing decision-makers with actionable & strategic information.


The leading provider for quality participatory information.


Teamwork, Integrity, Passion, Excellence


Our Numbers


- 10 in-house experts
- County-wide presence
- Pre-Qualified field staff


- 5+ Contracts finalized
- 2 Projects ongoing
- 5 NGOs supported

Our Clients

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